Teat Scrubber

Remarkable Cleaning Power – Exclusive to Ruakura

Remarkable Cleaning Power

Boasting four rotating brushes to wash and thoroughly cleanse every kind of teat: long, short, straight or bent.

Its ergonomic and completely re-styled handle is made of new, higher quality materials to guarantee top rating performance under any work conditions. Its no-slip grip guarantees the best grip ever, even on a wet scrubber, thus improving work quality conditions and prepping consistency.

Easier to service, reduces maintenance intervention costs by 90% thanks to its updated design.

Results you can see

After 25 years in the making and now Ruakura are supplying this amazing Teat Scrubber. See the amazing results!

  • Stimulates cows for faster let down
  • 4 Brushes for rapid soil removal
  • Super light handle
  • Exclusive to Ruakura
  • Remove Contaminants
  • Dries Teats

See the Teat Scrubber in action

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